If you are looking for professional, accurate and a fast turnaround time for your audio/video file, then you are definitely at the right place!

Transcribe & Transform is a trusted first choice service provider for professionally accurate transcriptions and copy typing services in English, at a quick turnaround time and a very competitive rate. (Please see some of our testimonials below). We pride ourselves on accuracy. 

We service clients nationally and worldwide. All work is quality checked before it is sent to our clients.

Our group of well experienced and very talented transcribers are competent in transcribing recordings with all accents. We are also able to type your document with SA English spelling or US English spelling.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and all our transcribers sign a non-disclosure agreement with us before beginning any work with Transcribe & Transform, in which we guarantee that all information will be kept private and confidential. 


  • "This was simply a great transcription. Great attention to detail, which I needed for an academic transcript. Please make sure to give the person who transcribed this interview a big high five :)"
  • "A million thank you's ... This took me 15 hours to do the last time. I will absolutely be using this service again. I have 4 more videos coming up."
  • "You're amazing. Thank you!!!!"
  • "Brilliant - thanks very much!!"
  • "Great job. Very accurate. I wish that transcriber could work on all my future orders."
  • "Good work, especially with difficult Hawaiian place names."
  • "Excellent job with some technical content. Apologies for not putting some of those works into the glossary. Pleasure working with you guys."
  • "Excellent."
  • "This is an exceptionally good job - the best I've seen and it was a complex and difficult transcript with strong accent and lots of foreign words. The accuracy is almost 100%. This person deserves praise." 
  • "Great and fast work, thanks"
  • "Many thanks."
  • "Thank you!"
  • "Thank you. Great transcript" accurate and really quick turn around time."
  • "Super. Thank you."
  • "Great job. I know the audio was not clear and there were four people talking too. You've saved a lot of time, would have taken me days to transcribe this one. Thank you."
  • "Great job. Difficult interview to hear clearly."


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